Bernard Loiseau

Bernard Loiseau
Bernard Loiseau
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Born in January 13, 1951, Bernard Loiseau’s whole life was devoted to his passion for cooking almost to the point of obsession. He apprenticed with the Troisgros brothers in Roanne, received his CAP in 1971, and soon became head chef at the legendary restaurant La Côte d’Or in Saulieu. In 1981, Loiseau was honored with three Michelin stars and his cuisine became known throughout the country, highly sought after by connoisseurs and gastronomes.

Known for simple but very delicious cuisine, some of Bernars Loiseau’s signature dishes include Frogs’ legs with garlic purée and a parsley jus, Breast of free-range chicken and pan-fried foie gras with truffled potato purée, Crispy-skin pike with shallot marmalade and red wine sauce, Crispy calf’s sweetbreads with truffled potato purée, and Pure chocolate desert rose with candied orange coulis.

Early on in his career, Bernard Loiseau was already hailed as a prodigy by the Gault Millau guide, which was a proponent of nouvelle cuisine, a style that gave emphasis to freshness and lightness in contrast to the rich and heavy classical French gastronomy. He worked for restaurateur Claude Verger at La Barriere de Clichy who bought the La Cote d’Or in 1975. Verger assigned Loiseau as head in the La Cote kitchen and allowed him to develop his highly personal style of cuisine. Known for his severe work ethic, intense attention to detail, discerning palate, and perfectionism, Chef Loiseau soon propelled to the top of his profession and earned a cult following.

Loiseau established his own company in 1998, Bernard Loiseau SA and was the first restaurateur to have his restaurant incorporated and publicly traded on the stock exchange. Under his corporation, he published numerous cookbooks, opened three eateries in Paris, and established a line of frozen foods, all while running La Côte d'Or. The French government also honored and knighted him for his achievements. Sadly, all this ended on February 24, 2003 when Bernard Loiseau committed suicide due to mounting stress and depression.

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Reviews (4)
Jenny MD
Chef Bernard Loiseau, one of the largest prodigies in the culinary world. He has been very talented even at a very young age and with matching great passion, he has gone fast and far up, receiving great honors all over the culinary world. It’s such a loss that he shot himself. Maybe it was just too much passion that led him to it.
As I noticed on the video, I have seen why he was hailed as a Michelin chef and still kept up with it. He is such a treasure that anyone who wants to cook can make him an inspiration! And that anyone who wants to cook can cook and practice plus passion combined is a great step in improving your skill in cooking.
, March 9, 2012
The video is seems to be showing the steps of making a pigeon with foie gras and truffles yet the title is Bernard Loiseau. Bernard Loiseau is a French chef who killed himself last 2004 because of a newspaper hint that his restaurant might lose its 3-star status. I was actually a little bit confused. Is this a Bernard Loiseau or a Pigeon with Foie Gras and Truffles recipe?
Anyway, I tried making this recipe without knowing its name. It gave a breathtaking taste.
, March 5, 2012
Cameron Sean
Chef Loiseau has a unique nouvelle cuisine style that emphasized lightness and freshness in contrast to the cuisine classic of traditional French gastronomy. Loiseau as a chef and soon stood aside to allow him to develop a highly personal style of cuisine. His fanatic attention to detail, frenetic work ethic and discerning palate propelled him to the top of his profession and earned him a knowledgeable and loyal but unforgiving and demanding clientele. Loiseau published numerous books, established a line of frozen foods, opened three eateries in Paris, a restaurant named: La Côte d'Or and its adjoining boutique shop. What an amazing man he was!