Georges Blanc

Georges Blanc
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Master French chef and visionary entrepreneur, George Blanc is the fourth generation of the Blanc family who manages a restaurant in Vonnas on the banks of the Veyle. The family inn was created in 1872 and since then the area has been developed into a Gourmet Village that is centered around the original house on the banks of the Veyle, thanks to the efforts of Chef Blanc and his family.

After earning a certificate as a Hotel Technician, Georges Blanc honed his culinary skills in several famous restaurants before returning to the family business and working alongside his mother in 1968. His restaurant, Chez Georges was awarded 3 stars by the Michelin Guide, and honoured with a 19.5/20 score and 3 toques by the Gault-Milau Guide.

Fine dining is at the heart of the 5-hectare property owned by the Blanc family. It also includes a luxurious spa, gorgeous landscaped park, pond and aquatic space, and the charming 19th century country inn.

Chef Blanc plays and creates with local ingredients and reinvents specialties of the region. Some of his signature dishes include the famous Bresse chicken with foie gras, crepe Vonnassienne with salmon and caviar, and fattened-pullet fricassee. Probably the most in-demand item in the menu is the poulet de Bresse, which the Blanc family has been serving to satisfied guests way back even before the French Revolution.

One of France’s most celebrated chefs, Georges Blanc combines the traditional and the contemporary with style, elegance, and simplicity in his cuisine. He is the author of a cookbook, “The Natural Cuisine of Georges Blanc,” originally published in 1987. In this book, a wide array of culinary photographs present chef Blanc’s gastronomic dishes and aesthetic presentations. Known for his vivid color contrasts and classic geometric designs, the plates of chef Blanc are unique artistic creations that can be admired like abstract paintings.

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