Régis Marcon

Régis Marcon
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Régis Marcon is a chef and poet perched in the quaint village of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid in Haute-Loire. Following his culinary studies at l’École Hôtelière de Grenoble, he succeeded his mother at the head of l’Auberge des Cîmes where he was honoured with two Michelin stars. Régis Marcon is passionate about art and often compares his plates to an art frame. A strong advocate for local products from his region, Marcon cooks with creativity, generosity and simplicity and can often be found in the forest, picking his own mushrooms to garnish his plates.

Known by some as the “Mushroom King,” Chef Regis Marcon likes to cook with the adored fungi and these feature prominently in his cuisine. He grew up in St. Bonnet, a small French village in the Auvergne region where there were many different types of flavorful mushrooms that grew in the wild and in the mountains and were readily available in the local market.

To this day, Chef Marcon loves walking in the wild and discovering ingredients for use in his cooking. He uses local mushrooms from his region to bring out the rich flavors of various dishes he creates from imagination. He values the reaction of his guests to the dishes he prepares for them, and he takes great pleasure in receiving positive and honest feedback from the people who tries his cuisine.

In 1995, Regis Marcon won the Bocuse d’Or, the Holy Grail or the World Cup of culinary achievement representing France in an international competition. His main aim in his cooking is to please his guests and did not focus his sights on earning a Michelin star. Passionate about the village Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid where he was born, Chef Marcon likes using ingredients from the local area and sees no reason to leave his town to expand his enterprise or become an institution. He believes that he can have good interaction with people from around the world who come to his restaurants.

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