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An elegant country estate that is only an hour away from Brussels and 45 minutes away from Antwerp, Scholteshof is one of the most memorable gastronomic destinations in Belgium. Originally an 18th century stone farmhouse, the property was bought and renovated by former antiques dealer and Michelin chef Roger Souvereyns. Through the years, he expanded the property to 28 acres and cultivated gardens where he grew his own vegetables, herbs, greens, and fruits to supply his kitchen with fresh ingredients. In his impressive estate that he fondly refers to as "Ma Rolls-Royce," he also has a yew maze, orchards, pergolas, fountains, ponds, gazebos, statuary, a vineyard, and an area for raising ducks and chickens.

Besides being an exceptional chef, Roger Souvereyns is also a passionate collector of art and antiques.

Scholteshof’s interiors are thus elegantly decorated with paintings, antiques, and art objects that will delight the mind and stimulate the senses. Each of the 18 rooms in the estate is uniquely designed, some more lavishly than others. Suites have an elegant living room and loft bedroom with a spiral staircase while some have a greenhouse and balcony with table and chairs for lounging or having breakfast. The rooms are also filled with freshly cut flowers from the gardens.

The restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars for its earthy, sumptuous, and super-fresh cuisine. It offers two different prix fixe menus, which consists of six courses. A la carte appetizers and main dishes are also available, as well as a three-course dinner for two with wine. Like the rest of the country inn, the restaurant is decorated with antiques and some paintings hand on the wall. The restaurant extents to the open kitchen where guests can watch the chef and his crew do their magic. Chef Souvereyns’ collection of silver spoons and brass pots hang from the beams.

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