Dogfish Recipes

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Dogfish Recipes

The dogfish is actually one of the most abundant shark species in the world. This type of fish, otherwise known as the spiny dogfish, mud shark, or piked dogfish. Its outer appearance does remind others of a similarity to salmon, hence the nickname “small salmon” or saumonette in France. They are primarily fished in countries like the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Chile and consumed in European countries like France, England, and Germany. Aside from using their meat as food, their fins and tails are processed to thin needles for a lesser expensive version of shark’s fin soup, instead of the expensive variant sold in specialty restaurants. Care should be taken care of in the processing and handling as at the base of the spines contain a mild poison as a defense mechanism of these fishes.

Aside from shark’s fin soup, there are other recipes for dogfish using their meat. They may be curried for a rich, hearty, and savory dish to be served for lunch, dinner, and the leftovers probably for breakfast. With its texture, and just a little creativity, they may be used to make an Italian dish more common for meat – Osso Bucco but using dogfish than beef. This will give pescetarians a chance to enjoy the flavor of this popular flavorful dish without having to go against their beliefs and practices. They may also be deep-fried in beer batter, especially if they are the catch of the day or the meat filleted and formed into burgers. Instead of burgers made from beef, we have those from fish, and a very tasty fish in fact. The dogfish meat is in fact, meaty, tasty, and practically boneless (there’s just a piece of cartilage that can be easily removed after cooking), and the last description definitely cuts preparation time than other ingredients.

In cooking also, there are ways on preparing fish that come into mind that are specific depending on what fish to remove. In the spiny dogfish, example, the spines and their bases must be removed. The cartilage must also be removed and not eaten as well. Thankfully, with today’s day and age, proper ways of preparing this type of fish has been developed and some of these are easy enough for home cooking for people who would want to make their own home cooked meals.

With a bit of practice and sourcing, this may be a tasty and flavorful type of fish everyone can love. In time, maybe you could learn to create your own dogfish recipe, or your own personal modification of something that you got used to.