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A classic Italian dessert with restorative powers, Tiramisu is served in the small luxury Hotel Cipriani as a cupcake with chocolate gondola sitting in a pool of Italian custard cream decorated with chocolate sauce. In this recipe, Chef Renato Piccolotto will demonstrate how to make Cipriani Tiramisu, which you can prepare at home and enjoy with family and friends. It is absolutely divine when paired with coffee or cognac.

To make tiramisu cupcake, you need a special Italian cheese called mascarpone. It is a very rich creamy cheese made of 60-75% milk fat, sold in groceries in little containers. Be aware that the American version is a bit denser than the Italian mascarpone and will produce a heavier tiramisu.

Another special and essential ingredient you need to obtain to make this recipe is Savoiardi, which is the Italian variety of lady fingers—light and sweet oval-shaped sponge cookies also known as sponge biscuits, sponge fingers, Boudoir biscuits, Savoy biscuits, Naples biscuits, or biscuits à la cuillère. These delicate biscuits will be soaked in very strong coffee, preferably espresso for a deep and dark flavor. If possible, use Italian brands such as Mauro, Kimbo, Cello, and Lavazza.

Another important thing to take note of when making this dessert is that you will be preparing and serving raw eggs, so get the freshest eggs you can find from a local organic farm you know and trust. The eggs are beaten using an electric hand mixer to get a really frothy consistency for the white eggs and a nice creamy texture for the yolks and mascarpone mixture. You can also use a whisk and beat the eggs manually but it might take a lot of work and more time to do.


15 min + 6 hour in the refrigerator

15 min

Recommended Wine



  • 8.8 oz. mascarpone (an Italian triple-cream cheese)

  • 3 eggs (separated)

  • 5 tablespoons sugar

  • 1 ½ tablespoons Italian Marsala wine

  • 12 long sugared cookies (lady fingers)

  • ¾ cup strong coffee

  • 1 ½ tablespoons cocoa powder

  • 1 small cup molten chocolate for garnishing

Preparation Instructions


Crack the eggs and separate yolks from whites. Add sugar to the yolks. Beat the eggs and sugar with a hand mixer until they become nice and creamy.


Add the mascarpone, stir gently. Flavor with Italian Marsala wine. Mix until you get a smooth cream with an even consistency.


Clean the whisk or hand mixer and beat the egg whites until it becomes a foamy mousse with nice stiff peaks, fold them in to the yolk mixture. Dip the ladyfingers of Savoiardi biscuit in the coffee and place on the chocolate cup. Cover with the mascarpone mixture, sprinkle with powdered cocoa.


Place chocolate gondola on top. Spread some Italian custard cream on a plate. Make decorative patterns with chocolate sauce on the custard.


Place the tiramisu in the center and serve.

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I’m tired of paying Italian restaurants just to have a bite of this and when I found this recipe I made it right away for our small gathering with some of my friends and they appreciate the taste of it. I didn’t change a thing on how to do this and it became a huge hit on the said event. An easy way to prepare a well known cake recipe of all time!
, March 17, 2012
A simple and easy recipe for my all-time favorite Italian dessert. Although my favorite, the first time I actually tried to make it was when I came across this recipe. It is presented perfectly that my first result was almost perfect, too. I will keep on making this recipe until my output is flawless.
, March 8, 2012
I can’t think of a dessert recipe that could be served for my best friend’s homecoming party, until I found out this simple and easy to make dessert. I’m pretty sure this recipe will be a big hit for her. Because this one is her favorite dessert ever since. She really loves the taste of this dessert recipe for a reason that this tiramisu is a big different from her traditional tiramisu. My best friend keeps on asking for the recipe…Nice job for me…Thanks for this one.