10 glorious freezer meals to bring cholestrol levels down

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Labeling Food - Comfort Food

Labeling Food - Comfort Food
Labeling Food - Comfort Food
1. Learn Ways to Cook Different Comfort Foods
2. Apple Meatloaf Recipe - Comfort Food
3. Mashed Potatoes - Comfort Food
4. Asparagus - Comfort Food
5. Jalapeno and Orange Mustard Chicken - Comfort Food
6. Roast Vegetables - Comfort Food
7. Safety Measures for Cooked Food - Comfort Food
8. Labeling Food - Comfort Food
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Chef Candy Wallace shares some of her favorite comfort food recipes. In this video we will learn about efficient food labeling.
This is a very important part of storing the food. This makes life much easier as we can quickly identify the home cooked stored food and defrost it accordingly. This is section 8 out of 8.
Difficulty Level



1 serving of bell peppers in a bowl
6-7 blanched and shocked asparagus sticks
1 refrigerator tape
1 marker
1 freezer bag

Preparation Instructions


This video talks about the storage and labeling of comfort food as it becomes easy to identify them.


Here we have used freezer bags as they are easy to use and come very handy.


Place the blanched asparagus in a paper towel and side it inside the freezer bag.


Start by writing the date, time, content and quantity on the pouch with a marker.


In case you decide to store food in containers just cut the right amount of freezer tape and with a marker mention the date, time, content and quantity of the food.

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