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How to Bread Tomatoes for Fried Tomatoes

How to Bread Tomatoes for Fried Tomatoes
How to Bread Tomatoes for Fried Tomatoes
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hef Shannon Overmiller demonstrates how to properly bread fried green tomato. This is section 6 of 7.
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Today I’m showing you how to make friend green tomatoes, and this is the step where I show you how to properly bread fried green tomatoes. This is probably the final step in your tomatoes, once you’ve done all your garnishes. You want a nice, bright, firm green tomato. The texture needs to withhold the heat of the oil.


When cutting tomatoes you should always use a serrated knife with teeth, because the acid from the tomato will dull your flat blade immediately. Begin cutting your tomatoes. You want your tomatoes sliced about a half an inch thick, depending on what you like. You have three components to breading, this is a classic breading technique, always the same.


You want to have your seasoned flour. I like to season my flour for fried green tomatoes with salt, black pepper, a touch of cayenne, a little paprika, a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg, a little bit of semolina or even yellow cornmeal because it gives it that nice texture. Second, in a mixing bowl you want to add two whole eggs, this is a perfect time to use the reserved whites from the aioli, and buttermilk. Just make enough for the amount you need.


I like to add a little salt at this stage too, again layering is very important. A little black pepper, and just mix with a whisk. Your third component is simply dried breadcrumbs. You can use scrap bread and grind it up or purchase plain breadcrumbs.


I like breadcrumbs to be plain because if you season it it affects the texture and doesn’t come out as crispy. When breading, simply dredge the tomato slice lightly in your flour mixture, release excess flour, dip into the egg mixture, coat, and then into the breading. You want this to be compact so it adheres to the fry oil. That’s how you bread a green tomato.

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