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How to Perfectly Fry and Serve Fried Tomatoes

How to Perfectly Fry and Serve Fried Tomatoes
How to Perfectly Fry and Serve Fried Tomatoes
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Chef Shannon Overmiller demonstrates how to make and serve fried green tomatoes. This is section 7 of 7.
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We are now assembling the fried green tomatoes we prepared today. I’m going to show you how to fry the green tomatoes after we have breaded them. Also be mindful of the safety factor when dropping fried green tomatoes in the fryer. At home use a slotted spoon and carefully place the tomatoes in the hot oil, do not drop because you don’t want the oil to splash up on you.


For the assembly we have our ricotta salata, our tomato ragu, and our preserved lemon and previously done aioli. Now I’ll show you how to fry the tomatoes. You always need a plate or some kind of vessel to put a paper towel on to catch the oil from your fried green tomatoes. My oil sits are about 375-400 degrees.


Place them in the oil and let them fry till they’re done, brown, crispy, beautiful. Once your tomatoes have reached a golden crisp, that’s the perfect color, remove from the oil and season both sides. Now for assembly. We want to take a little bit of the ragu, place your seasoned fried green tomatoes on top.


At this stage we want to add a little of our ricotta salata directly on so the warmth brings out the ricotta. Add a little bit of your aioli and drizzle it on so you get the balance and textures of the salty ricotta, which is mild, the sweet ragu, the fattiness of the garlicky aioli, and the crispness of the tomatoes which are warm. So you have warm, to cold, to cold, to warm. You have all the different textures, all the different temperatures, and all the different flavors in your mouth.


Sweet, salty, sour, tangy, mild, that is delicious.

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