13 terrific appetizers for your busy week

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Delicious Deviled Eggs in Homestyle

Delicious Deviled Eggs in Homestyle
Delicious Deviled Eggs in Homestyle
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Deviled eggs make delicious and gorgeous appetizers for any occasion and they are so easy to do at home. For this recipe, you need cooled hard-boiled eggs, peeled and split lengthwise into two. The yolks are scooped out and mashed and mixed with mustard, mayo, pickle relish, grated cheese, bacon bits, jalapeno, salt and pepper, then scooped back into the hollow whites, and finally sprinkled with paprika for a mouthwatering bite.

There are many ways you can play around with this recipe and make your own version using other seasonings and ingredients. While mayonnaise and mustard are standard seasonings for combining with the yolks to create a smooth and creamy texture and wonderfully tangy flavor, other possible seasonings include tartar sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sour cream, heavy cream, vinegar, pickle brine, chipotle chilies, cayenne pepper, pimentos, olives, capers, caviar, thyme, cilantro, turmeric, cumin, poppy seeds, and minced onions.

Popular garnishing for deviled eggs besides paprika include chopped chives, dill, or curry powder. Fancy versions of deviled eggs may also be further decorated on top with a dollop of caviar, herring, smoked salmon, anchovy, or bacon bits.

The original recipe for deviled eggs date back to ancient Rome and continues to be popular across Europe, known by many names and vary from region to region. In France, parsley is commonly added to the deviled eggs. In Hungary, the yolks are mixed with a combination of mustard, parsley, and white bread soaked in milk and topped with Hungarian sour cream. In Germany, common flavorings include cheese, anchovy and capers. A variation called Russian eggs consists of eggs cut in half, served with vegetable Macedonia, and garnished with mayonnaise, tomato, and parsley. Contemporary versions of deviled eggs may include garlic, wasabi, horseradish, salsa, capers, chutney, cheese, hot sauce, mushrooms, ham, spinach, seafood, and sardines.

Difficulty Level



Boiled and skinned Eggs
Pickle Relish
Bacon Bits


Preparation Instructions


Cut the egg in half and get the yolk out into a bowl. Add 2tbs.


mayo, 1tbs. mustard, 1tbs.


relish, pinch of bacon bits, cheese, and 1 tbs. diced jalapeno's.


Whisk them together. Put in some pepper and salt.


Take a spoon and fill the white's holes with the mix. Sprinkle paprika on for the finish.

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