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Lobster Quesadillas Recipe

Lobster Quesadillas Recipe
Lobster Quesadillas Recipe
1. Making Mexican Food
2. Homemade Easy Salsa
3. Homemade Easy Guacamole
4. Lobster Quesadillas Recipe
5. Shrimp Enchiladas Recipe
6. Making Steak Burritos
7. Learn How to Make Soft and Hard Tacos and Taco Salad
8. Margaritas Making
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Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray of Real Deal Catering make mouthwatering lobster quesadilla appetizers. This video is part 4 of 8.
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2 lobster tails
kobasa sausage
Roma tomatoes
Old Bay seasoning
olive oil
Flour tortillas

Preparation Instructions


Cook the lobster tail until it becomes a reddish color.


Cook the sausage and add it and the tomatoes together.


Prepare the flour tortillas and add cheese.


Add the lobster tail, sausage and tomatoes.

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