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How to Make BBQ Shrimp Stock in Louisiana Style

How to Make BBQ Shrimp Stock in Louisiana Style
How to Make BBQ Shrimp Stock in Louisiana Style
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hef de Cuisine Chris Clime demonstrates how to make shrimp stock for New Orleans Style Barbeque Shrimp recipe. This video is part 2 of 3.
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Shrimp Shells
Black Pepper
Creole Seasoning
Bay Leaves
Abita Amber Beer


Preparation Instructions


First, we want to take a pot and turn our burner on high. Once the pan is hot, turn the pan down to medium.


We want to add one knob of butter. Once the butter has melted without browning, place in your shrimp peels.


While the shells are roasting, we can add some black pepper, creole seasoning, shallots, bay leaves, and some garlic. Once your spices 'open up' deglaze the pot with the Abita beer.


You will let this cook down a little bit. Now you can add the Worcestershire sauce.


Finally, add just enough water to cover the shells, and cook for 15-20 minutes on a low simmer.

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