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Forthing Egg Whites for Cheese Souffle

Forthing Egg Whites for Cheese Souffle
Forthing Egg Whites for Cheese Souffle
1. Cheese Souffle Recipe
2. Preparing Pan, Oven and Ingredients for Cheese Souffle
3. Preparing Base for Cheese Souffle
4. Forthing Egg Whites for Cheese Souffle
5. Mixing, Baking and Serving Cheese Souffle
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Karen Stiegler from PastryNomad.com shows you how to beat the egg whites for the cheese soufflé.
The reason the egg whites are beaten in the mixer, is to give lift to the soufflé. (Series 4 out of 5)
Difficulty Level



6 Egg whites (room temperature)
Cream of tartar

Preparation Instructions

*Electric mixer with whisk attachment and bowl


Pour the egg whites into the electric mixing bowl and place the mixer on low to medium speed for a few minutes, In order to get the egg whites frothy.


While the mixer is going, add the salt and cream of tartar.


Beat the mixture together until you have a stiff peak, you do not want to overbeat the mixture, because it will deflate in the oven.


Periodically, check the progress of the mixture to make sure you do not overbeat them.

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