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Meat Farandoles

Meat Farandoles
Meat Farandoles
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A luscious medley of juicy grilled meats, meat farandoles is the apex of paradise for lovers of meat. This recipe consists of an assortment of grilled meats and their sauces arranged in one large plate with a corolla of vegetables in the middle. This dish includes at least six types of meat: smoked pork, chicken, duck, beef, veal, lamb, and chipolata sausage. Just reading through the list is enough to give you a heart attack (from pure pleasure).

The distinct and different flavors of the meat are experienced in one meal. The custom is to eat little by little, sampling a slice of beef and then a piece of pork, and then a little lamb and then some duck, eating them together with thin slices of vegetables. Sip some red wine in between bites and luxuriate in gustatory satisfaction.

This highly filling dish is best enjoyed with an equally luxurious wine such as Cotes de Provence rouge or Bordeaux.

The term farandoles refer to a kind of dance that originates from Provence, typically performed with music that is measured in 6/8 time and a lively tempo that can range from moderate to fast. This recipe takes inspiration from this popular folk dance, making a symphony and music out of different kinds of meat.

It may seem as simple as tossing a piece of meat on a hot grill, but cooking a truly perfect steak is much more of an art than you might think. Sometimes, it’s as simple as meat seasoned with nothing but salt and freshly ground pepper. Grilling has got to be the perfect illustration of summer. And whether you do it on the beach or in the backyard, the aroma, the smoky flavor of the food, the caramelized natural sugar from the meat will give you a holistic sense of pleasure like dancing farandoles.


25 min

25 min

Recommended Wine

Cotes de Provence rouge, Bordeaux


  • 3 1/2 oz. smoked pork breast

  • 3 ½ oz. beef fillet

  • 3 1/2 oz. chicken breast

  • 4 lamb chops

  • 4 small chipolata fresh sausages

  • 3 1/2 oz. veal fillet

  • 4 slices duck fillet

  • olive oil

  • 1 zucchini

  • 2 red tomatoes

  • 1 bunch chives

  • 1 tarragon branch

  • 3 parsley branches

  • 3 chervil branches

  • 1 basil branch

  • Meat gravy (previously recovered from cooking or roasting)

  • Xeres vinegar

  • butter

  • salt, pepper

Preparation Instructions


For the vegetables, you need a flat earthenware dish (a small dish mold wrapped in aluminum foil) and some olive oil. Slice the courgettes or zucchinis into thin chips and arrange them around the dish while overlapping the half of the ones under them, making a circular petal-like arrangement. Do the same for the tomatoes after slicing them into thin wedges, but this time, towards the opposite direction. Fill the center too.


Sprinkle with salt and a little olive oil (which would be done for each level). Add another layer of courgette on top of the tomatoes. Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes. Mix the herbs together then mince them.


Add them to the meat juice. Add a few drops of cherry vinegar. Stir well. Brush the chunks of meats with olive oil then sprinkle with salt.


Grill them on a moderate temperature. (Note: Each meat has different time required before properly cooked. Don’t presume them to be done at the same time). Take the baked vegetables and remove the excess juice.


Drop it on another plate - in one swift movement to keep them from breaking apart. Sprinkle the grilled meats with ground pepper then arrange around the vegetables. Finally, pour the meat sauce over the grilled meats and then you’re ready to serve. Enjoy your meal!.

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Reviews (4)
I started making Farandoles since I was a child and this meat farandoles make it to the top. My mom was shocked when I made this because she’d thought that I bought it from the store. Well who could buy a recipe like this in the store?
, March 15, 2012
This is meaty good, a whole bunch of different meat in one dish. Now that’s what you called food. I would recommend this to my uncle who is a good cook. Two thumbs up for this recipe!
, March 8, 2012
J Parker
Meaty bites for picnics, dinners, lunches, and even snacks! This Meat Farandoles is just so easy to vary that simple changes to it could make great effects. I even fused this recipe with my Spaghetti in Meatballs recipe and produced a new recipe that my wife would approve of since she’s loved it too.
, March 7, 2012
This meat farandoles is absolutely DELICIOUS!!! It's very easy to make and has the perfect amount of flavor. It was my first time making farandoles and my family loved it. 1 hour was the perfect amount of time to let it cook. I will be making this again on Sunday for my boyfriend and his mom. This recipe is sure to please:
, March 2, 2012